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You hear it first. 
This album is not out yet.

If you're on this page you're one of very few. Please have a listen to "New Pain" - our upcoming second album.

Feel free to download!

Our first single from New Pain - "Magic Pill" - Released June 2, 2023


Our second full-length album, "New Pain," features the single "Magic Pill" as its debut track. While the lyrics may initially suggest drug use as a means of escape, repeated listens reveal a more poignant and emotionally charged message. This song is a cathartic expression of self-realization, offering a deeper understanding of the struggles we face. The repetitive nature of the song is meant to recreate and illustrate the pain they've endured. For some it may be too much, but for the most thoughtful listeners, they will understand the nuance.

When performed live, listeners may resonate with the line "I need a magic pill," as it aligns with the song's themes. However, the music video intentionally creates an eerie and surreal atmosphere that shifts the focus to a sense of unease and disconcertment. This twist encourages a re-examination of the song's context and meaning.

The music video was filmed after a devastating accident in September 2022 that profoundly impacted our lives. While grabbing a late-night meal after a show, a drunk driver collided with our parked car, instantly altering the course of our lives. Although recovery has been challenging, both physically and emotionally, we remain thankful for our survival and continue to persevere.

While there is no actual "magic pill" to alleviate our sorrows, we believe that love, compassion, and open communication can help us overcome our difficulties and move forward together.

We sincerely appreciate your support and thank you for watching and listening.

- Julie Rose & Justin Rose


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