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"New Pain"
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Summore’s “New Pain” explores themes of recklessness and lack of conscience. After surviving the near-death experience, the duo continues to create songs that challenge their self-perception. 


Beyond its personal narrative, "New Pain" also functions as a commentary on the pervasive issue of drunk driving. Summore's choice to pen the lyrics from the perspective of the perpetrator forces listeners to engage with the moral complexity of such actions, unearthing the ugliest facets of human nature. 


Julie said, “It’s easy to point the finger at the person who committed the crime, but it’s far more important for me to place myself into their shoes and deconstruct their behavior as if it were my own.”


Lines like "Never told the truth, I’ve always lied; I amount to nothing ‘cause I never tried" pull no punches, revealing the tangled web of self-destructive traits and tendencies that reside within us all. The stark confession "I’ll leave you for dead and won’t think twice" speaks volumes about the offender's cold indifference and serves as a chilling reminder of the pain they have inflicted. 


New Pain isn't just a song; it's an emotionally charged experience that confronts listeners with the uncomfortable realities of recklessness and its aftermath. With its raw honesty, gripping narrative, the song stands as a testament to the duo's commitment to pushing their creative boundaries and tackling difficult themes. As Summore continues to captivate new listeners, "New Pain" serves as a powerful reminder that music has the power to explore the darkest corners of our lives and ultimately pave the way for redemption.






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New Pain is a 15 track journey through fear, pain, recovery and love. It chronicles the lives of the duo before during and after a fateful night in 2022. 

SUMMORE is a dark electropop duo originating from central Ohio. Consisting of Julie (vocals and synth) and Justin (synth and production), their sound is brooding and hypnotic with deep and sometimes arpeggiated synthesizers, juxtaposed with melodic vocals and introspective lyrics.


What are people saying about Surfaces?




"SUMMORE set the bar EXTREMELY high debuting their album, Surfaces. Julie's voice is angelic over Justin's synths, reminiscing Tracey Thorn from Everything but the Girl.

One of the BEST albums in 2021. I can easily listen to this album 5-6 times on repeat. It's a perfect soundtrack for an evening walk. I can't get enough of SUMMORE! 👀🙌🏻🔥‼️ Favorite track: Junktown."

- J. Poe



 "Seriously, I predict a blowup...get on this train now so you can brag “I liked them when they were brand new...”

Beautiful whiffs of Ladytron, Portishead, Cranes..
Fantastic debut!"




"Such a sonic odyssey from start to finish. The kind of album you can listen to on a drive or on good speakers in your living room Favorite track: Never Coming Down."

A. Portillo



"The devil is in the details, and this album goes full devil.

A delicate and ethereal combination of dark electronica and dreamy pop elements with layers of nuances beautifully crafted. The voice is simply from another world.

'So Long' is the "easiest to listen" song here, but 'Never Coming Down' is the most interesting. Favorite track: Never Coming Down."


- Dionysos Nyktelios 


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